Pain Awareness Month

Pain Awareness Month - When Others Just Don't Get It

September is Pain Awareness Month and although pain and psoriatic arthritis go hand in hand, everyone experiences and manages pain differently. What works for one may not always work for another. How do you manage your pain? How do you explain the impact of pain on your daily life to others?

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Have you experienced any hearing loss as a result of psoriatic arthritis?


How Can I Help My Family Understand My Pain?

They don’t get it – how can I help them understand how it affects me and my ability to do things?
Submitted by Rebecca

 Join the ConversationDoes having chronic pain change the way you go about your daily activities? If so, how?Discuss  A Painful Story to Tell?Which of your current psoriatic arthritis symptoms prompted you to seek help from a doctor? Tell us about it!Share your story Get socialGet social and tweet us your pain management tips! Use #PainAwareHave you used a weighted blanket to help manage pain while you sleep? Tweet us about it!— Psoriatic-Arthritis (@PsA_HU) August 31, 2017

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