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Has anyone experienced ringing in the ears & palmar erythema?

I’ve experienced ringing in my ears since my symptoms began and palmar erythema short after I began treatment. While sleeping, the weight of the sheet and comforter feel heavy on toes.

Community Answers
  • CORoadie
    6 months ago

    yes Since diagnosis I have had hearing loss along with eye and gut issues as well.

  • jktddychs22 author
    6 months ago

    Sorry to hear it, I’m 49 and I just got diagnosed with PsA, the ringing in my ears has been one of my symptoms since the beginning, the intensity may diminish at times but it hasn’t gone away, my hands have been red for a while, my Psoriasis isn’t too bad yet but the pain on my feet, ankles, heels and toes have been debilitating as well as my knuckles on my hands, neck and wrists to the point that I had to change my job. Does the blanket feel too heavy on your toes? it does on me. I hope things get better for you, and thanks for your answer, since this is new for me I’m trying to figure out what’s related to my PsA or if is meds side effects.

  • Melissa Withem-Voss
    6 months ago

    Yes, I have experienced ear ringing. I am Profoundly Deaf now. I was born hearing. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis at age 22. I was 37 when I discovered I am Profoundly Deaf. I have been erythrodermic three times in my life. I was at one time 97% covered with Psoriasis. I have had ringing in my ears during each episode and continue to do so now. I always covered up my toes but now I find I stick them out of the blankets.

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