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Can you have PsA with negative lab test results?

I have had psoriasis for over 50 years but my lab tests are negative. I have symptoms, why are tests negative?

Community Answers
  • Rojo
    6 months ago

    Since being diagnosed five+ years ago I have had a lot of blood drawn. I always ask for copies of the results. All of the inflammation markers come back within normal limits! How frustrating and crazy-making is that? Two months ago on the day of my scheduled draw I had swollen hands and was aching literally from head to toe. I was never happier to have my blood drawn as this would surely prove, on paper, what was going on. Wrong! C reactive protein, sed rate, et al, came back WNL’s. Queried rheumatologist said non-elevated markers are kind of common, particularly with PsA. Two weeks later I got the proof I was looking for (careful what you wish for) from an ultrasound of my hands. Disease activity was present/active. Yay!! Oh wait. That’s not a good thing is it. Somebody pass me the tranquilizers.

  • Grace
    1 year ago

    Its taking me years to get diagnoised all my previous Doctors and Rheumotologist included kept telling me all my pain was from overuse ….no it wasn’t after I had thyroidectomy 18 months ago (cancer) my PSA went into over drive I have Achilles tendonitis in both feet to clearing up overnight on one foot to having the other foot torchure me for over 18 months I currently have tears in my tendons from being medically mistreated. Very disappointing and now after knee surgery another torn tendon (not injury related) I think PSA has invaded my knee is crippling and not much mobility happening and physical therapy going real slow.

  • Sean
    2 years ago

    Hi kstone,

    ALL of my inflammatory markers came back within the standard range. RA factor, SED, Protein, CRP, etc. I was diagnosed with PsA based on MRIs and the pitting in my nails. And it turned out to be the correct diagnosis because my pain went away just a day after my first Humira injection. There were times when i wondered if I REALLY had PsA based on my lab work but PsA is tricky. Your blood doesn’t always tell the full story.

  • kstone101 author
    2 years ago

    RA factor and Gout negative, CRP within limits, but on high side. These were drawn after the flare had improved. I’m just wondering if a rheumatologist could diagnosis with negative labs

  • CathyD moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi kstone101,

    My rheumatologist said to me at my last appointment that you can still have/be diagnosed with PsA if your blood results are negative. I am actually due to see him again in two weeks so I’ll try to get his thoughts on why we have symptoms even if the blood results are “normal”. I have to say I have always wondered about this too – thanks for bringing it up!

    Have you had any imaging tests done? Sometimes these can pick up on inflammation that isn’t showing in the blood tests.

    – Catherine, Community Moderator

  • VickiN moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi @kstone101, that certainly is very frustrating. Would you mind explaining a little more about what in your tests is negative? One of the hallmarks of PsA is that it presents with symptoms similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis, but you can be negative for the rheumatoid factor. Is this what your bloodwork is coming back negative for?
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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