Stop Right There

People usually say this when there is danger or you need to stop immediately. If you have psoriatic arthritis or psoriasis, you know that phrase is a reality and you will used it daily. I have had psoriatic arthritis for 25 years, but was not given a diagnosis until 10 years ago, so I know when to stop.

When you have psoriatic arthritis it comes very clear to you that standing in an upright position at times will not allow you to move from the left to right or twist in certain positions. There have been many days when doing normal house cleaning or just washing clothes can cause severe pain. Walking upstairs or just walking has become a real challenge for me. I feel like someone is telling me to just stop right there!!

Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed

Let me explain this to you to help you understand. I have had days where taking the next step has become impossible. There are days that I’ve had to stand still until the pain in my joints would allow me to take that next step. This is where the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis show up and show out. I have found that in this struggle it’s good to move some every day. Moving is good for us. Can you imagine this? You go to get out of your bed, your feet hit the floor, your mind is willing but you can’t move. It’s not a good feeling.

I don’t just jump out of bed anymore, especially if it’s a real bad day. I have to make sure that everything wants to cooperate with me. How stiff are my back and legs? Can I bend my knees or can I open up my hands that have gotten stiff during the night? Do I have something to lean on once I do stand up? Now I have to sit up and move to the edge if the bed. Once I get out of bed, now the real challenge begins, walking.

Moving is good for us though

Again I say that moving is very important and can at times be a big job, but it does help me. If you are on medications, take them properly as it will help your body function with your mobility. As I get older and my joints are getting worse, I think how life would be without movement. I get very sad because I know that this could happen to me in this lifetime. I don’t know how I would work, care for myself, play with my grandkids, or get from one place to the next if I can’t walk. I have been active my whole life and just can’t put this thought in my head.

My feet are very instrumental in my movement when it comes to my psoriatic arthritis. My ankles swell and my legs become very stiff, which has made movement very hard for me. I always keep moving forward and never give up the fight. Yes, I do move a lot slower, but I’m still moving.  I believe that one day we will find a cure for psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis.

There are days that I try to push myself to take long walks. I have added on a few more steps each day. I actually have to plan to take a walk each day because of the stiffness in my legs, ankles, and feet.  We take so much for granted and walking is one of them.  This can be taken in a blink of an eye.

Must keep on trying

On my good days, I truly appreciate the fact that I can get out of bed, walk downstairs, move my legs and feet. I appreciate the days when inflammation hasn’t taken over my whole body and I’m not in pain. Just let me get out of bed on my own.

If you have psoriatic arthritis don’t take it lightly. We never know what day our body will not allow us to move and tell us to stop right there!!

Over the years I have been an active advocate for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis; speaking up and out about this disease.

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