New Psoriatic Arthritis Treatments On The Horizon

We can all agree that psoriatic arthritis is the worse. The constant inflammation it puts on the body is excruciating at best. To make matters worse once the joint damage is done, it cannot be undone.

It starts with psoriatic research

It can lead to a life filled with pain. That pain in turn leads to times spent in bed or need equipment to be able to lead a somewhat normal life. I do not mean that in a bad way. Living with psoriatic arthritis we do what we have to do. The struggle and pain are very real.

Today is a day where my body feels like it is in one big knot. To that extent it got me wondering if there are new treatments on the horizon for psoriatic arthritis. Some quick research brought up some exciting new treatments in the works. Here is what I found about new treatments.


In an article dated July 2020, the National Psoriasis Foundation listed Bimekizumab as a Phase III biologic.1 Don't you just love these scientific names? It is set to target the IL-17 family that causes inflammation. IL-17A and IL-17F to be more specific.

I have to admit I have never heard of the pharmaceutical company UCB. UCB stands for Union Chimique Belge. Turns out they are a global pharma company in Belgium. Bimekizumab has been in Phase III trials since 2018 which really goes to show why it takes so long for a new drug to be approved by the FDA.


Also stated in the same article by the National Psoriasis Foundation is another biologic, Mirikizumab1. It also is in a Phase III clinical trial as of 2018. It targets IL-23A.

The company responsible for the development is one we all have heard numerous of times. Eli Lilly and Company are looking to submit it for FDA approval sometime in 2021. Let's hope that it will be approved along with the other biologic I just listed soon.


Bristol Myers Squibb is another company that we have all heard of. BMS-986165 is not a biologic. Instead it is a pill given orally aimed at those of us who do not want to take a biologic.1

The projection of the pill is to interrupt the inflammation process. Another promising side of this medicine is that it would not require routine lab monitoring that is a must with biologics.

What do new treatments mean?

Being informed is always the best thing you can do when dealing with PsA. The names might throw you off a bit as it does me but the good news is once the drugs are approved the names tend to be something we can remember.

In my opinion, this is all exciting news. Just like all the treatments available for psoriasis new potential psoriatic arthritis treatments are a must. It takes so long to get a proper diagnosis with PsA that any new drugs on the market will benefit us all.

Until there is a definitive test that tells doctors we have psoriatic arthritis, we have to depend on treatments. The one thing we have learned on this journey with PsA is that biologics tend to stop working after a while. If we have more options that are FDA approved then we have more options for living a better life. After all, isn't that what we all desire or want while living with psoriatic arthritis. I know I certainly do.

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