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Psoriatic Knee Pain: Fear Of Getting A Steroid Shot

Recently I have been having a lot of problems with my left knee. I know for a fact that I did not fall on it, which is exactly what the doctor asked me. All I know is that over the past two months the pain has been getting worse and worse.

Knee pain and psoriatic arthritis

The pain was getting to a point that it was interrupting my sleep as well as my daily routine. It hurt just to walk on it. Standing on it for a long time was definitely out of the question.

To make matters worse, we drive a truck everywhere we go. Trying to get up and down was no simple matter for me either. The only thing I knew was it was getting bad so I had to do something.

Let’s take an x-ray

My primary care doctor had an epic response to my knee pain: Let’s take an X-ray. I swear it is like their go-to thing when you tell them anything. What was the outcome you ask? Well, I see some osteoarthritis and some nodules on your knee but nothing significant.

My next choice was to ask my rheumatologist, while I was getting my biologic. Her response granted no surprise: Another x-ray! Even after telling her what my primary had said about the x-ray, she still wanted to do one. Her explanation turned out to be no different.

A shot? Where?

My primary doctor did ask if I wanted a steroid injection in my knee. My immediate response to him was a resounding "no!". I could not imagine anyone putting a needle in my knee, especially to inject something. The word painful kept running through my head at an alarming speed.

You would think as long as I have been on biologics that a needle would not bother me. Well, it doesn’t when it comes to my arm or even in my stomach. I guess I have gotten used to them there. However, my knee was an area that no needle had yet to penetrate and as far as I was concerned it was going to stay that way. No sir, no needle there!

Pain will make you change your mind

Into the second month, I went with the same excruciating pain in my knee. By this point, I was really starting to get upset at all the things I could not do. Having psoriatic arthritis, I have become very in tune with my body on and knowing how far I can push.

This, however, was a whole new game when it came to the amount of pain I was feeling in that knee. So here I was, back at my primary doctor’s office for a follow-up. The knee was bad. Just getting to the lobby was painful let alone going into the patient room. I was nearly in tears. Again he asked if I wanted the steroid shot except for this time, I agreed to do it. Funny how pain will make you change your mind.

Relief, glorious relief

I can say that without a doubt, I honestly did not feel anything. Mind you I didn’t watch him give me the shot but I know he did. How do I know? Besides the purple bruise that has been on my knee since I have had glorious relief. No knee pain.

I actually walked out of his office in no pain. It truly made me mad at myself for letting the fear of a needle dictate what I had done to that point. There is no guarantee on how long the shot will last. Right now I am enjoying being able to do the things that I did before the knee pain.

Have you a story similar to mine? Did you let your fear of the unknown stop you? Have you had the experience of a steroid shot? If so, I would love to hear your experience.

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