Gift Ideas for People with Psoriatic Arthritis

As I got a little older, and my juvenile-onset psoriatic arthritis began to get more severe over time, I started noticing a very thoughtful trend: I started receiving gifts to alleviate the pain. Whether it's the holidays, birthdays, or simply a "thinking of you" gift, there are plenty of different ways to appreciate the psoriatic warrior in your life.

Gift ideas from someone who's received them

Through the years, I've received tons of heating pads, pillows, and fun fashion accessories. My loved ones have been so creative and found plenty of things that helped me without feeling like medical supplies.

If you're looking for a fun, functional present for a special arthritis warrior in your life, you might consider one of these gifts I loved receiving in the past.

Fingerless gloves

I lived in fingerless gloves during high school and college! I had a pair to match every outfit, and then some. They helped my fingers and wrists from feeling cold, preventing some extra joint pain and stiffness. I used them frequently while writing or typing when my hands were exposed to the cold.

Whether you buy or make a pair of fingerless gloves, I know the receiver will love them.

Gift cards for food delivery

I've always loved getting gift cards for food. Whether you're in a flare or have a lot of work on your plate and don't have the spoons to cook, it's always great knowing you have the option to have a meal brought to you! Especially when you are getting food from an old favorite or have the opportunity to try something new.

I would check to see which restaurants would be most appropriate, especially if the receiver has dietary restrictions. When I was using diet to control my arthritis, I found that I still found places to grab a bite even though my usual restaurant rotation changed.

Something warm and personalized

There have been plenty of times a flare has left me glued to my heating packs. Why not give the gift of something warm and cute? I've seen plenty of stores like Marshall's carry adorable stuffed animal-shaped heating pads.

Or, if you're crafty, you could also make a cover for a hot water bottle that reflects the receiver's personality! There are plenty of fun, free patterns you can find on Pinterest for sewers, crocheters, and knitters.

Time and support

This one may sound like a cop-out, but hear me out: the gift of your time is more valuable than any other present. Dropping off their favorite Starbucks order or even just sending a handwritten, sincere letter will go far to lift their spirits. Let them know you're thinking about them and that you genuinely care about how they're doing.

Maybe you could offer to bring lunch or dinner to share, so you can spend time together without the stress of having to prepare or travel for a visit. I'm sure they'll appreciate all the effort you've put into preparing a relaxing time spent reconnecting.

Everyone has a different taste

Of course, there are many more gifts people with arthritis may like! Some ideas include spa items, gift certificates for housecleaning, or supplies for their favorite hobbies. Regardless of what you select, I'm sure your loved one will feel loved and appreciate all the thought you put into the gift.

What are some other fun gift ideas for someone with arthritis?

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