I Want To Feel Better With My Psoriatic Arthritis

Managing life with psoriatic arthritis is a daily chore. It's always there and doesn't just go away. To make my life seem more manageable, I try to find a little bit of comfort every day. It's no fun when you’re uncomfortable, miserable, and in pain. It has taken me years to find things to make me feel human, not like a pin cushion.

Tips to feel better with psoriatic arthritis

I’m trying to implement things in my life to ensure a positive spin on my healing. I aim to do something that will help me and not hinder me, such as eating right, doing light exercise, and drinking plenty of water. I set goals for myself, ones that I know I can achieve.

I love myself enough to take care of my psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis to have a better quality of life. If you’re out of sync in your life, it is good to reduce your pain by taking the steps I’ve taken to be more comfortable. What steps do you ask? Let's take a look.

Swim it out

One thing that I have started doing these past few years is to go to the swimming pool if I do not have a psoriasis flare at the time.

My husband and I went on vacation and got a room with a jacuzzi - it was the best. I sit there for hours, not feeling any pain. It felt like all the pain had just melted away from my body.

Owning a pet

As we know pets can be a healing tool for us. Seeing my dog would inspire me whenever my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis would be acting up.

She was always happy to see me. I would walk my pet, and it eased so much stress. My dog was healing for me. There are so many benefits to pet therapy. There were times when my dog would interpret my pain.


I know that there are days when you can’t get out of bed with this disease. We need to find ways from having the pain to heal our bodies.

I just started going to the gym and utilizing the exercise equipment that I can use - which isn’t much. I try and walk at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. It has helped me.

Planning ahead

I just turned 59 and have a lot more good years of living. Having a better quality of life means everything to me. I have to find ways in my life to find comfort.

Planning family trips is a chore for me anymore. We have to make sure I’m not in too much pain to travel or having a psoriasis flare that is unbearable. We have to plan just for me.

Making my home comfortable

Remember that atmosphere plays a major role in healing our pain. When I’m cold, I ache all over.

Try to make your home comfortable for you. It will help with the full potential of your health and well-being, and you will feel better.

Surrounding myself with positive people

I had to be so mindful of the company that I keep. Everyone we meet doesn’t have our best interest at heart. Believe it or not, negative people will hurt us more and make our pain worse.

Stay away from those people. Make sure to surround yourself with positive people who lift you up.

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