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Insurance and Baby Boomers

Is it just me or has the price of health care shot through the roof? My health has got worst as I’ve got older. I had to see a top-notch rheumatologist because I had 22 pain points in my body. That one office visit was $3,600.

There are so many of us who live with chronic pain day in and day out. With the rising costs of health care, this has affected a lot of us. Who are the baby boomers? It’s those of us born between 1946 and 1964. Most of us are now between the ages of 54 and 72. We are getting ready to retire, kids have left home and paid off our mortgages. Most of us should be happy; but what about the ones that need health insurance for years to come.

What if I can’t afford the care I need?

I got psoriasis in 1963 at the age of 5 and started getting symptoms of psoriatic disease at the age of 25 in 1988. I have seen more doctors over the years that I have lost count of them. I am going to be retiring in a few years (a baby boomer) and I am starting to realize that I will not be able to afford my health care and there are many of us in the same boat.

Did you know there are 75 million American baby boomers? Yes, it is a known fact that we will live longer but guess what; we have a higher rate of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. I’m sure this has something to do with the cost of high health care because we need more health care.

Rising costs of health insurance

Every day I talk to someone whose medical bills are spiraling out of control. We have high deductibles and our jobs are charging us higher premiums. My premiums are very high and I have an $8,000 deductible. Do you know what this means? Well, this means I have to pay my deductible before the insurance will pay a dime. It means that every time I go pick up a prescription it is going to cost me $500. So many families are like this. What happens to people who are on a fixed income? Why should we have to decide to pay for my health or eat tomorrow? Is this fair?

I feel as a baby boomer we are caught in the middle. We can’t get Medicare until we are 65 and our health insurance is spiraling out of control. On top of that, I have elderly parents who depend on me. I will sacrifice for them to have. I will take less medication in order for them to have theirs.

Does any of this make sense to anybody but me? Right now I have to be put on a payment plan with my doctor because I can’t afford the visits. I actually miss several appointments because I just couldn’t afford this financial burden on me.

The burden of healthcare costs

I know there have to be millions of people who are in the same situation as me. But I am wondering if anybody is paying attention to what is going to happen over the next few years. Does anyone realize how 75 million Americans retiring is going to affect our health system? I sure am. This is something to reckon with.

Is the healthcare industry really prepared for this? The other side of this coin is, when all of us leave the workforce, especially the nursing field, who is stepping up to the plate? Will the baby boomers retire, will we need someone to care for us? Are there enough millennials out there who can step up to the plate? I hope someone is preparing for this wave. Do they even see it coming?

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