Allergies, Sensitivities, and PsA

Have you developed allergies or sensitivities to things you never had an issue with prior to your psoriatic arthritis diagnosis? I have. Over the years I have developed allergies or sensitivities to foods, medication, and other things that I never had any problems with prior to my diagnosis.

Strange things are happening

I grew up drinking lemonade and sweet tea. Soon after psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis became a part of my daily life I found that I could no longer eat or drink anything with lemon juice.

It started with experiencing soreness and sometimes forming blisters on my gums and tongue. Now when I eat or drink anything with lemon or lime juice my gums, tongue, and throat also swell and itch. Cutting out lemons and limes, however, wasn’t enough.

Over time, I also began having the same reaction to the entire citrus family. Goodbye orange juice! One doctor rolled his eyes when I shared this allergy/reaction with him. That is until he witnessed the reaction after ordering a test that required me to drink a solution that unbeknownst to either of us contained citrus.

Running out of treatment options

In addition to developing strange food allergies, I have had severe reactions to many medications that I was totally fine with before. I never had issues with antibiotics before my diagnosis.

The first time I needed them after my diagnosis, my throat and head swelled - I couldn’t communicate and had to be rushed to my doctor. Thankfully my bestie was over for lunch that day. I don’t want to imagine what could have happened if I had been alone. I am currently down to one antibiotic that my body will tolerate. Because I don’t want to build up a tolerance towards it, I only take it when nothing else works.

Before my diagnosis, I could take ibuprofen all the time. Now? I break out in hives and my entire body inside and out burns and itches. To add to the fun my body often experiences the opposite reaction of what it should from most >medications. Example: Sleep medications keep me awake, muscle relaxers increase my cramps and spasms, and anti-depressants make me suicidal. So if you were wondering why I treat my conditions naturally, now you know, I don’t really have a choice.

Looking out for new allergic reactions

Besides foods, beverages, and medications, I also have to check the ingredients of anything and everything that I put in or on my body. I break out into a blistering rash from talc and high levels of magnesium, which is why you won’t find baby powder in my medicine cabinet.

These are just a few of the odd allergies and reactions that I have developed throughout my chronic life and it feels like every time I get used to life with the ones I have a new one pops up. What’s the strangest allergy/reaction that you have developed since your PsA diagnosis?

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