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Ask The Advocate: The Importance of Advocacy For Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis can change how you live your life every single day. This condition is the center of the wheel that outreaches to all different aspects of life: physical and mental health, family, friends, and career. This is all the more reason to practice advocacy for psoriatic arthritis: to raise awareness of how it affects us.

If you're looking for a community that understands, then look no further.

Advice from our advocates

Our amazing group of psoriatic arthritis advocates answered a few questions to share their experiences and tips with the community. In this “Ask the Advocate” article, we asked what they find most beneficial about being an advocate for the community.

Connecting with others

Response from Leanne Donaldson
Absolutely the best benefit of being an advocate for our community is having the opportunity to connect with others, especially over our shared experiences. I love that I can share my ideas and thoughts and feel less alone with this disease that forces us to be different than everyone else in our lives.

There isn't a single part of my life that PsA hasn't changed, but there is great solace in knowing that I'm not alone.

Sharing insight

Response from Jim Snedden
If one person reads my story and it helps them or I am able to answer their question it makes me feel great and fulfilled. Psoriatic arthritis is a horrible disease and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

For those 'lucky' enough, I'm grateful to have a platform to give people insight so they may not have to suffer any more than they need to.


Response from Alisha B
I love being able to inspire others living with this disease. I remember growing up with a chronic condition and feeling so alone. Being an advocate is a therapy for me, it allows me to share my deepest and darkest fears while also giving hope to someone else.

Sharing my story lets others know they aren't alone and that's what's most important to me. This disease can be very isolating and I'm glad I have the courage to speak out!

Knowing we're not alone

Response from Joel Nelson
Reassurance. Writing my articles and seeing all the amazing responses where I’ve managed to write what somebody else was feeling. As I hope it does the readers, it gives me comfort knowing I’m not alone.

There are many people out there who, like I was for 20 years, are sitting there feeling alone, isolated, unable to explain to friends or loved ones. This community allows people like us to come together, support, and educate each other.

Since I became an advocate for my own health challenges, I’ve been much more informed and confident in my understanding of my arthritis. It allows me to talk to my doctors on a different level and hopefully my writing allows me to enable others too.

Ask The Advocate Series

This is a journey that many psoriatic arthritis patients follow, taking their conditions and their understanding of them into their own hands.

We are so grateful to have this particular group of advocates on and build this community of shared understanding, support, and knowledge together. For more patient and advocate insight, we encourage you to check out our entire Ask The Advocate series.

How is advocacy for psoriatic arthritis important to you?

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