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Is anyone else here a beekeeper?

I am a beekeeper for a little over a year now. I have a hive I need to put together because I have some bees in a smaller box I need to transfer. My hands hurt a lot so I keep putting it off. Maybe I can get to it tomorrow 🙄

  1. Hi @skye1263, that sounds like a great hobby. I hope your hands feel better soon and you can put together the hive. Jill, Team Member

    1. Thank you ! I couldn't take the pain last night so I took some prednisone. I am so thankful my regular MD had given me pred with a refill. They were 20mg tablets so I didn't use them all last time because it helped the pain subside after a few days. I haven't slept from it because I took it so late but that's ok. It has helped some and I will take another one around noon. Maybe this afternoon I can get the frames and box together. I will give them a coat of waterproofing also. Then have to wait for that chemical smell to leave or the bees won't stay in it. Thank you and I hope you have a good day!!

      1. I am glad you had the prednisone to get some relief @skye1263. I hope the pain subsides. Jill, Team Member

    2. , I hope you get some more pain relief for your hands. We use our hands for so much. May I ask, how did you get into beekeeping? I think it's such a fascinating thing to do! I hope if there are others here who also are beekeepers, they would chime in and respond to your question! ~ Minel (Team Member)

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