Cynthia Covert

About Cynthia Covert

Cynthia Covert is a wife and mother of 2 that resides in sunny southern California. She was diagnosed with Psoriasis in 2001 and Psoriatic Arthritis in 2003.

By Cynthia Covert - January 5, 2018
Psoriatic arthritis and my other chronic illnesses are my enemies. Their mission is to destroy my life and make me miserable. Every day they attempt to break me down. They want me... READ MORE

By Cynthia Covert - November 13, 2017
It is no secret, life can be messy. Throw in a chronic illness like psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis, and it gets even messier. Some people think that my conditions only... READ MORE