Cynthia Covert

About Cynthia Covert

Cynthia Covert is a wife and mother of 2 that resides in sunny southern California. She was diagnosed with Psoriasis in 2001 and Psoriatic Arthritis in 2003.

By Cynthia Covert - October 3, 2017
I was extremely miserable during the first 12 years of my chronic life.  Psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a couple of other chronic conditions came close to destroying me both physically and emotionally. ... READ MORE

By Cynthia Covert - September 5, 2017
Eat, love, and pray, that is how I get through each day.  While it may sound silly, these three actions have made living with psoriatic arthritis a little easier. Eat I have... READ MORE